Welcoming Morning Tea for New Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Students at CCSC

At the start of 2021, we welcomed many new students to Central Coast Sports College, and as a part of our commitment to prioritising Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures within our school community and celebrating our collective heritage, we hosted a morning tea to welcome all our new Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to CCSC.

The aim of this social event is to connect our new Indigenous students with other students, share Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage, and spend time together strengthening our diverse cultural links at CCSC.

This morning tea, we were lucky to be joined by Jason Solomon from the NRL School to Work program who provided an Acknowledgement of Country to the Darkinjung people. Jason gave students an insight into why they should respect and be proud of their Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories, cultures and languages.

Students enjoyed a series of Traditional Indigenous Yulunga Games that concluded with a yarning circle and morning tea. The event was filled with smiles all around and offered the opportunity for students to bond and have fun while practising aspects of their shared cultures.

Story contributed by Samuel Whitehouse from Central Coast Sports College. Published 2021.